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Digital Nomad's testimonials: Riccardo's feeback about our coliving

Updated: Apr 30

Riccardo digital nomad


28 yo

From Italy


Stayed 2 months in Kasbari

1.What was the most memorable aspect of your stay at Kasbari?

The vibes, the people (including Anis and Colette) the putlock.

2.Tell us about the cultural experiences and interactions you had while staying in Morocco.

Not only the Moroccan people are super nice but also there is something special about the people who travel to Morocco. It’s a healthy and chill lifestyle. We made friends surfing, playing at the beach, at the hostel and while working.

3.As a digital nomad, how was your experience?

Internet is stable and fast the place is quiet and well equiped.

4.What advice would you give to someone considering working from Kasbari?

Don't work too much and enjoy Morocco!

5.In one sentence, how would you describe the overall atmosphere and vibe at Kasbari? Family!!

Kasbari House in Tamraght is your best option to a unique blend of community and adventure on Morocco's stunning coast. Nestled by the beach, our coliving space offers a welcoming atmosphere for digital nomads and travelers alike. With comfortable accommodations, modern workspaces, and a vibrant community, Kasbari is your ideal base for work and play in the heart of Tamraght.

We offer private rooms from 175/week or 600€/month and a bed in a dormitory from 90€/week or 300€/month.

Potluck Kasbari coliving

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