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A week in the life of a Tamraght digital nomad: Surf, sun and community

Updated: Apr 30

Nestled along the Moroccan coast, the seaside village of Tamraght offers a unique haven for digital nomads seeking the perfect blend of work, adventure, and community. At Kasbari Coliving, a vibrant community of like-minded individuals comes together for a week filled with surf, sun, and a tapestry of memorable moments. Join us as we delve into a typical week in the life of a Tamraght digital nomad.

Coliving Tamraght

Monday - Welcoming the Week

07AM Morning Surf Session:

Our week begins with the invigorating sound of crashing waves. At dawn, we head to the beach for a surf session, catching the morning swells and letting the ocean's energy set the tone for the week.

10AM Remote Work:

Back at Kasbari, we dive into work in a dedicated workspace equipped with high-speed internet. The natural garden outside our window provides the ideal backdrop for productivity.

01PM Lunch Break:

For lunch, take advantage of the on-site kitchen for a home-cooked meal or discover a local restaurant.

05PM Ping-Pong and Games:

Afterwork, we enjoy friendly games of ping-pong. It's a great way to unwind and connect with fellow colivers.

08PM Moroccan Dinner:

Monday nights are a culinary delight. Kasbari's chef prepare a traditional Moroccan dinner at the coliving space. The fragrant aromas of tagines, couscous or bastillas transport us into the heart of Moroccan culture.

Tuesday - Yoga and Work

09AM Morning shopping:

Every Tuesday, on the street where Kasbarise is located, the local market is held. The opportunity to buy fresh fruits and vegetables in a warm and authentic atmosphere.

04PM Coffee Break in the Village:

During a break in our work, we stroll to the charming café Hey Yallah located in our street. It's a great spot to savor a good coffee and engage with the friendly community.

06PM Hatha Yoga:

In the evening, we gather on the rooftop terrace for a rejuvenating hatha yoga session. With the sun setting over the Atlantic, it's a peaceful way to find balance and relax from the day.

09PM Board Games in the Evening:

As the day winds down, we enjoy board games on the rooftop. Laughter and competition unite us, creating lasting memories and connections.

Wednesday - Midweek Activities

09AM Work Session:

We dedicate the morning and afternoon to work, making progress on our projects while staying connected with the global remote work community. While enjoying a lunch break in the garden of the house, surrounded by plants and flowers.

11AM Expand your knowledge:

In between the work day, participating in a Darija (Moroccan Arabic) course allows you to learn the local language and thus better communicate with the locals.

05PM Beach sport:

If you still have a little energy afterwork, join the members of our coliving on the beach for a game of football or volleyball, while enjoying the sunset. If you prefer to rest, opt for a leisurely walk.

08PM Community Potluck Dinner:

As the sun sets, it's time for our beloved Wednesday potluck dinner. Colivers contribute dishes from their home countries or from Morocco, creating an international feast that's as diverse as the community itself. And almost like every evening, late nights meet on the terrace to play board games, chat and laugh.

Thursday - Surf and Hike

07AM Morning Surf:

The morning kicks off with another surf session, as we hit the waves, finding our zen in the ocean's embrace.

10AM Work time:

After a surfing session, it's ideal to work from your computer. With a clear and relaxed mind thanks to morning surfing, you will be able to concentrate and work effectively in a conducive atmosphere.

06PM Mountain Hike:

After working, we venture into the Atlas Mountains. The breathtaking landscapes and fresh mountain air provide a refreshing escape. We enjoy the view from the top of Tamraght and admire a sunset, only 20 minutes from Kasbari.

Depending on surf conditions, we sometimes swap for a sunrise hike and a sunset surf session.

Friday - Unwind with Yoga and More Moroccan Flavors

09AM Last day of work:

Take advantage of Friday to finish your last tasks of the week, perhaps working from a café in Taghazout. The charming neighboring village, you can stroll through its streets and enjoy the beach.

06PM Vinyasa Yoga:

End of the day, we gather for a vinyasa yoga session on the rooftop. It's a perfect way to unwind and relax our bodies.

08PM Traditional Moroccan Dinner:

Friday nights are another culinary delight. Kasbari's chef prepare a traditional Moroccan dinner at the coliving space. The fragrant aromas of Rfissa, Seffa or Gamila transport us into the heart of Moroccan culture.

Saturday - Surf and sunset

10AM All-Day Surf Trip:

Saturdays are dedicated to exploring new surf spots. We embark on an all-day surf adventure, discovering pristine waves and hidden gems along the Moroccan coastline.

In case the surf conditions are not ideal, you can take advantage of your weekend to explore the surrounding areas, in Agadir or Imessouane for example.

0PM Beach Sunset Picnic and Campfire:

In the evening, we head to the beach for a sunset picnic. As the sun dips below the horizon, the sense of community in Tamraght comes alive, making every moment special. This might be an opportunity to organize a campfire to stay longer on the beach.

Sunday - Moroccan Brunch and Relaxation

Lazy Sunday Morning:

Sundays are for relaxation. Whether it's sleeping in or enjoying a leisurely morning, it's a day for self-care.

12PM Moroccan Brunch:

At noon, we indulge in a delightful Moroccan brunch. It's a celebration of Moroccan flavors and a chance to connect with fellow colivers over a leisurely meal. Msemmen, baghrir, harcha, amlou, omelette...

A relaxing afternoon:

On Sunday, everyone goes about their business, reading on the deck chairs on the terrace for some, a massage at Holi Lomi for others, a visit to the Coolshe Market in Hey Yallah or even creative arts if you are there. mood.

06PM Restorative Yoga:

Sundays end with a soothing restorative yoga session in the evening, providing the ultimate relaxation and reflection opportunity.

Sunset Farewell:

As the week draws to a close, we gather one last time on the rooftop to bid farewell to the week, share our highlights, and embrace the adventures that lie ahead.

In Tamraght, life is a harmonious balance of work, play, and community. Kasbari Coliving serves as the backdrop for a week where digital nomads can find inspiration, connection, and fulfillment. If you're a digital nomad in search of a haven where surf, sun, and community converge, Tamraght might just be your dream come true.

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