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Digital Nomad's in Tamraght, Morocco: Thomas' feeback about our coliving

Updated: Apr 30

Digital Nomad's testimonials


33 yo

From Germany

UX Researcher

Stayed 7 weeks in Kasbari

1.What was the most memorable aspect of your stay at Kasbari?

I absolutely loved the community at Kasbari. There were so many interesting and fun people I really connected and bonded with. The guests, the volunteers and the owners all together created a wonderful atmosphere. And the house facilitates lots of different interactions with its social spaces. I had a ton of fun and great experiences.

2. Tell us about the cultural experiences and interactions you had while staying in Morocco.

Tamraght is such a chill place and it's very easy to meet locals and other guests. I felt super welcome wherever I went. The Moroccans I met always had a smile on their face and were always helpful and funny.

I made friends from all over the world at Kasbari and in Tamraght. Everyone was there to have a good time, to surf, to enjoy the sun, to eat taglines. I wish I spoke better French or Darija to have better conversations with Moroccans but at the end of the day, I felt like I was able to connect and communicate even without it.

3. As a digital nomad, how was your experience?

Working from Tamraght in winter was perfect. The climate was ideal and the surf was amazing. The fact that most people were working helped to focus and stay motivated. Yet, there was also always someone ready and willing to make the most of the breaks we had or to wake up early for a sunrise surf before the work day. It was the perfect balance between work and fun.

4. What advice would you give to someone considering working from Kasbari?

Do it! Stay for a while, because the beauty of Kasbari is that you have much more time to get to know and bond with people as most of them are staying for a month minimum. And don't forget that you can work from the roof top if the co-working feels a bit shady sometimes. There is always sun somewhere.

5. In one sentence, how would you describe the overall atmosphere and vibe at Kasbari?

It was all I was looking for in a winter work getaway. The atmosphere was wholesome, fun, inclusive and relaxed, with shared meals, endless hangouts on the roof top and lots of exploring together.

Digital Nomad's in Tamraght

Kasbari offer private rooms from 175€/week or 600€/month and a bed in a dormitory from 90€/week or 175€/month.

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