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Digital Nomad's testimonials: Rafaella's feeback about our coliving

Updated: Apr 30

Rafaella digital nomad


32 yo

From Brazil

Digital marketing

Stayed 2.5 months in Kasbari

1. What was the most memorable aspect of your stay at Kasbari?

Meet people that became my friends.

Meet people that changed me just seeing the way they live.

Meet people that I probably help because the way I live.

2. Tell us about the cultural experiences and interactions you had while staying in Morocco.

The cultural experience that comes to my mind right way is the people in Morocco. The local people around Kasbari. I think because I stayed long time and I wasn’t looking to be a tourist during my stay, I really got to know some locals in the area and even tough the culture is so different than mine, I could realized how friendly and good heart Moroccans are, which makes us the same, does not matter the culture, religion, etnia, what matters is how you respect, understand, care and smile to others. I have nice smiles from people in Morocco in my memory.

3. As a digital nomad, how was your experience?

So far the best experience as a digital nomad. Kasbari is a place where I could feel safe, feel at home and at the same time I was very productive, professionally and also in my personal life.

4. What advice would you give to someone considering working from Kasbari?

Observe how people behave, listen a lot, but also talk to the others digital nomads at Kasbari. They all have amazing stories to tell that will inspire you somehow.

5. In one sentence, how would you describe the overall atmosphere and vibe at Kasbari?

This is something we can’t forget to tell people: where Kasbari is located (Tamragth).

There is some high energy in Tamraght that is incredibly strong. Just being there, working, cooking, waking up, sleeping… it is all in a such nice equilibrium. When you walk around Kasbari it feels like a movie and you just feel so so great. You feel balanced 💚

Feel welcome in Kasbari House in Tamraght, your gateway to a vibrant, community-driven lifestyle on the Moroccan coast. Immerse yourself in our unique and comfortable workspaces. Enjoy the blend of work and play while meeting fellow digital nomads, surfers and adventurers. Kasbari is your home away from home in Tamraght, where connections and memories flourish.

We offer private rooms from 175/week or 600€/month and a bed in a dormitory from 90€/week or 300€/month.

Hiking Tamraght

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