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5 best studios where to practice yoga in Tamraght and Taghazout, Morocco

Updated: Apr 30

In a world bustling with constant activity and endless distractions, finding moments of tranquility and self-discovery has become more important than ever. One timeless practice that offers a pathway to inner peace and holistic well-being is yoga.

Nestled along the picturesque coastline of Morocco, the charming villages of Tamraght and Taghazout offer an ideal destination for yoga enthusiasts seeking to connect with their inner selves while surrounded by stunning natural beauty.

Yoga practice with ocean view

The Allure of Tamraght and Taghazout for Yoga Practitioners

1. Breathtaking Natural Setting

Tamraght and Taghazout boast breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, golden sandy beaches, and stunning sunsets. The serene ambiance and soothing sound of the waves create a perfect backdrop for yoga practice, helping practitioners dive deeper into their sessions.

2. Mild Climate

The mild climate of these coastal villages is conducive to year-round yoga practice. With abundant sunshine and a warm atmosphere, you can enjoy yoga sessions in outdoor shala or at the beach .

3. Spiritual Energy

Morocco has long been associated with spiritual energy and mystique. The mix of Berber and Arabic cultures, along with the proximity to the Atlas Mountains, infuses a unique spiritual vibe that enhances the yoga experience.

4. Surf and Yoga Fusion

Tamraght and Taghazout have become known for the perfect fusion of surfing and yoga. Both activities emphasize mindfulness, balance, and connection with nature. Many yoga retreats here offer a combination of surfing lessons and yoga sessions, allowing you to explore the synergy between the two practices.

Surfing in Tamraght and Taghazout

Top 5 yoga studios in Tamraght and Taghazout

1. Amouage Hotel (Surf Maroc)

Located at the exit of Taghazout, the luxury hotel Amouage has a yoga studio with a panoramic view of the ocean. Many courses are offered, from sunrise to sunset. Teachers are always chosen with care to allow students to benefit from teaching with the best experts from around the world. You can access the online schedule here (There is a regular community class, based on donations, to support local associations.)

Yoga shala at Amouage
Yoga shala at Amouage

2. Ocean Tribe

Located in Imouran in Tamraght, the Ocean Tribe yoga studio is an outdoor space directly overlooking the beach. Ideal for practicing yoga to the sound of the waves. You can find the course schedule here.

Ocean Tribe yoga shala
Ocean Tribe yoga shala

3. Kalananda

Kalananda yoga shala is located behind Banana beach, just off Tamraght. This haven of peace is located in the center of a permaculture garden. It will allow you to practice yoga surrounded by greenery and accompanied by the sound of birds. You can find the planning here.

Kalananda yoga shala
Kalananda yoga shala

4. Studiio HY

Designed by Chris from the Hey Yallah café located below, the studio is a hybrid place that hosts workshops, events and yoga classes. The refined decoration makes it a cozy cocoon in which to practice yoga in peace. Find the schedule here.

Studiio HY
Studiio HY

5. Yoga Tea Spot

Megan welcomes you to her cozy little yoga studio where she offers small groups and private lessons. Classes are followed by a cup of tea to get to know each other and prolong the pleasure. More information here.

Yoga Tea Spot
Yoga Tea Spot

Many hostels and surf houses also offer their own yoga classes as in Kasbari. Each week, we have hatha, vinyasa and yin yoga classes. More info on our Instagram page.

Yoga class at Kasbari @Pedroprado

The benefits of yoga beyond the mat

Stress Relief

The combination of yoga, ocean views, and the calming environment helps alleviate stress and anxiety, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, even more if you are one of the digital nomads who live and work in Tamraght.

Surf and Yoga

Yoga is a transformative practice that holds immense value for surfers, offering them a holistic approach to physical conditioning, enhanced flexibility, improved balance, and a deepened connection to both their bodies and the waves.

Community and Connection

The yoga community in these villages is welcoming and supportive. Engaging with fellow practitioners and instructors can lead to meaningful connections and lasting friendships.

Tamraght and Taghazout, tucked away on Morocco's stunning coastline, provide the ideal backdrop for a yoga journey that goes beyond physical postures.

Surrounded by natural beauty, infused with spiritual energy, and enriched by the fusion of cultures, these villages offer a unique opportunity to reconnect with yourself, practice mindfulness, and embrace holistic well-being.

Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a beginner, the magic of Tamraght and Taghazout awaits, promising a transformative experience that resonates long after you roll up your mat.

Sunset at Ocean Tribe @aliciasolyoga
Sunset at Ocean Tribe @aliciasolyoga

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